All you Need to Know about Dublin Zoo

If you love animals, then where better to look for the perfect day out than the zoo? Modern zoos are now offering a wide range of fun activities to keep you amused from morning to evening, all whilst getting your fill of some of the world’s most exciting, exotic and extraordinary animals! Consider coming to the zoo for a date, coming by yourself to really experience the animals that you are most interested in, or bring your children to teach them about the importance of respecting and caring for the world’s most vulnerable creatures.

Why Dublin Zoo?

With so many beautiful zoos all over the world, what makes Dublin so special? Not only is it in a great location, close to the city centre, but it is also easily accessible by car, busses and Dublin’s Light Rail Tram System (LUAS). Making use of a car hire offer might also be worth looking into. You should always compare prices though so a site like is worth checking rental quotes on before making a final decision. The site occupies a vast area in which many of the animals roam with plenty of space to play and lounge about in full view of their adoring public. In addition, Dublin Zoo offers a great number of events that occur all throughout the year which are great for absolutely everyone. You can even book your own workshops and camps in which your tour of this fantastic zoo is personalised and you will be allowed to get up close and personal with some of the zoos most popular animals.

How Dublin Zoo helps the animals?

Keeping animals in captivity is never something that we want to have to consider, but in recent years for a great number of creatures it is something that we have had to do to ensure the survival of various species all over the globe. However, with poaching still happening in places as remote as Central Africa and in the jungles of Sumatra, for instance, zoos such as that in Dublin have had to step in to save the fantastic creatures that are under threat because of the ivory trade and the demand for traditional medicinal remedies. Besides hosting some of the most endangered species in the world, however, Dublin Zoo also actively participates in conservation efforts all around the globe. By coming to visit, therefore, you can make sure that your money is going somewhere that counts and helping those that truly need it, as well as making the animals that currently live in the zoo as happy and content as possible.

What sort of animals can you see in Dublin Zoo?

There is a fantastic array of exotic and exciting animals on display in Dublin Zoo. Visit the African Savannah without ever leaving the country and see zebras, giraffes and rhinos roaming as though in the wild. Just a little way north takes you to the dense rainforest where gorillas, at once terrifyingly strong and devastatingly gentle creatures, relax contentedly watching the world pass them by. Further to the south live the cute penguins and sea lions, swimming about, catching fish and frolicking in the water. Further down south visit the Asian forests in which the big cats prowl, on the hunt for their prey. With all these animals - and very many more besides - you can be assured that everyone who visits will see their favourite and be able to get up close and personal with some of the most stunning beasts in the entire world.

School trips

Dublin Zoo offers a number of special school programmes if you are an academic institution hoping to get your children interested in conservation. There are special workshops that happen throughout the year and that your children can come and experience for themselves. They will learn about why Dublin Zoo rescues animals, what threats there are to think about and how the children can continue helping animals everywhere, even in their own back garden. There are even a number of fun school camps that you can book for any interested children of all different ages and experiences that are a great sort of ‘living classroom’, teaching about the living world all around them with interactive experiences and lively discussions.

Other amenities

Of course, besides the animals, Dublin Zoo offers a range of other amenities on site. The shops offer a great range of souvenirs such as plush toys, key rings and pens as well as a great range of educational gifts and toys. Books and DVDs about the great work that zoos all over the world do for the most endangered animals can help you understand how in trouble some of the most beautiful creatures are and can teach you how you can help. There are also a number of ways to adopt different animals, sponsoring giraffes, red pandas, snow leopards or even chimpanzees. You can even invest in a gift card for yourself or for someone else for the next time that you come to visit your favourite animals in the zoo.

There are also plenty of opportunities for you to sit in the sunshine, eating a picnic or sampling the delights of the various kiosks, shops and restaurants on site. Benches and seats all over the park offer great views of the animals as you settle down to a late breakfast or to lunch, connecting with the animals and experiencing all that Dublin Zoo has to offer.

Other options

If you want to help the animals even more, you could invest in a year pass (not a bad idea if you want to visit again and again) or even look into adopting an animal. However you want to help, the staff at the zoo will be more than happy to help you out. After all, they are just as passionate about their animals as you are, and what the best for animals all over the world. By visiting these majestic creatures in the zoo, you can see what good your money is doing and know that other endangered and threatened creatures all over Earth are being cared for as best as possible. They simply cannot do it without your help, however! On another note, I just came back from a trip to Murcia where I visited Terra Natura. It's a beautiful place and I adored the water park and aquarium. We drove out there in our car from so it was a simple enjoyable day out and very family friendly.